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file bee lining or bee hunting

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06 Juil 2002 22:00 #20784 par frank
bee lining or bee hunting a été créé par frank
Before the mites invaded the America's bee hunting or bee lining was a popular activity in the spring and the fall and was a way to get honey and hives of bees.My method is pretty simple and i just use it to locate bees in an area so I can use that area as a mating area.In the fall I take comb honey and cook it over a candle or can of sterno...this is the scent and it will attract bees from a mile or so depending on wind direction.When or if the bees arrive I feed then liquid honey or sugar water so as to get a beeline.I do this in remote areas like a state or national forest.By setting up a beeline in several locations you can trianglate were the hive is to determine if its feral or not.The best time is early spring before a honey flow and in the fall after the honey flow is over.Does anyone else hunt bees and what methods?

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