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file Dealing with ticks around bees?

  • Patrick Dugan
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01 Jui 2002 22:00 #20755 par Patrick Dugan
Dealing with ticks around bees? a été créé par Patrick Dugan
I have started two hives (they have been going since late April) and the location of the hives is in an area where there are a lot of ticks. When I go out to check on the
bees (even if only for a few minutes) I come back with 30-50 ticks on me. Since I'm wearing full coverage clothes they usually don't make it inside to my skin, but I still have to clean them off my clothes. Since I REALLY hate ticks I need to find a way to deal with them and at the same time not harm/effect the bees. A veterinarian told me I could broadcast "slacked lime sulfur" on the ground around the hives. He said that it would drive away the ticks but wouldn't harm the bees. Has anyone heard of this? Does it work?

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  • willo
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03 Jui 2002 22:00 #20756 par willo
Réponse de willo sur le sujet Dealing with ticks around bees?
Hi Patrick,
I'm afraid I haven't a clue about the "sulfer" thing, but ticks don't present a problem for honeybees. I'll assume you're concerned about yourself getting a tick bite and I don't blame you as they carry some nasty stuff. I would say the best thing to do is mow or cut the grass/weeds/shrubs immediately around the hives. Ticks climb up low shrubs/tall grass and weeds and with outstretched forelegs grasp anything that brushes by (that's how they get on you). In addition I'd place pant legs in socks, wear light colored clothing (so you can see ticks more readily) and spray pant legs and sleeves with something like off. It's my understanding you won't get a disease if the tick isn't embedded in your skin for something like 24hr's. Hope this is helpful.

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