Thanks to the indefatigable pollinating bees, beekeeping plays an essential role both in terms of agricultural yields and the maintenance of plant and tree biodiversity throughout the world. Scientists all agree that 35% of our food worldwide is dependent on their work! In addition bees provide different honeys as food supplements but also noble products used in apitherapy such as pollen, royal jelly, propolis, venom and wax. Via this website, the world's No. 1 portal for the apicultural sector, Apiservices offers beginner's articles, thousands of papers for professionals, scientific papers on the impact of pesticides on bees and databases on all topics related to bees, apiary techniques, treatments against apiary diseases, tricks against predators. Also listed are the coordinates of over a hundred beekeeping equipment suppliers for apiaries and honeyhouses, bee products, populated colonies, package bees and queens, veterinary drugs, service providers, apiculture trade unions and others. Welcome everybody!

Beekeeping equipment Beekeeping equipment

Abeille d'Auvergne (FR-63)
ACP (FR-66)
Anel (GR)
Api16 (FR-16)
Apiarium (RS)
Apicola los Pedroches (ES)
Api Culture (FR-65)
Apiculture Remuaux (FR-81 & 13)
Apidistribution (FR-33)
Apijuneda (ES)
Apimaye (TR)
Apimiel (FR-68)
Apipourtous (FR-40)
ApiSaveurs (FR-69)
Apis Blaj (RO)
Apisudest (FR-83)
Api-Ver (FR-51)
Apiz (FR-68)
Atlantique Apiculture (FR-44)
Avant - Sterenn Equipements (FR-45)
Beebox World (BE)
Bee Equipment Ltd (UK)
BeeGuard (FR-31)
Beehome (BG)
BJ Sherriff (UK)
Cadres des Ruches (BG)
Casa do Apicultor (Beehives Factory) (PT)
CDA Etiquetage (FR-11)
Centre d'Apiculture (FR-42)
ChinaBeeWorld (CN)
Civan (TR)
Ecoruches Sud (FR-34)
Espace Apicole de l'Ain (FR-01)
Ets Fort - Poitou (FR-86)
Ets Lerouge Apiculture (FR-60) New
EZYLoader (FR-84)
France Tractor (FR-83)
Happykeeper (FR-92)
Help Bees (FR-26)
Ickowicz (FR-84)
InRuche - La Ruche Digitale Pédagogique (FR-60)
Julien Compagnon (FR-39)
Kundalia Exports (IN)
L'Abeille Auboise (FR-10)
Label-Abeille Ruche connectée (FR-45)
LabelPix étiquettes (FR-67)
La Tienda del Apicultor (ES)
Le api di Franco (IT)
Lega (IT)
Les Ruches de Savoie (FR-77)
Leygonie Apiculture (FR-19)
Lyson (PL)
Maison Lerouge (FR-17)
Mann Lake Ltd. (US)
Mat-Api (FR-44 & 85)
Mellisphera (FR-64)
Nassenheider (DE)
Natural Apiary (US & UK)
Nicotplast (FR-39)
Optibee (FR-64)
Provence Apiculture (FR-13)
Quarti (IT)
Rubaco Etiquettes (FR-59)
Ruche Delandrea (FR-69) New
Ruches et Ruchettes de France (FR-86)
Ruchers Mosans (BE)
Samap-eco (FR-68)
Scalapi (FR-54)>
Thomas-Apiculture (FR-45)
YHequipment Co. Ltd (CN)

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